At Al Asab, we believe in being all rounded which has led us to achieve sustained commercial success.

We take note and remain aware of the changes occurring politically, socially and economically.



The support of local economies has always been important to Al Asab.

Wherever the Company operates, for instance, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Algeria we’re committed to employing local people, working with local suppliers and developing local capabilities.

Being the right thing to do, we see this as a source of competitive advantage, helping us to keep costs down, improve the quality and availability of local suppliers, and build stronger relationships with local stakeholders.

In this way, we aim to make a positive and measurable contribution to the economies in which we operate.




With an outstanding record of zero environmental incidents.


We are committed to working in an environmentally responsible way and limiting the environmental impact of our operations around the globe.


As an oilfield services company that develops and operates large-scale facilities, Al Asab business is directly linked to environmental considerations, which we take very seriously.


We conduct comprehensive environmental risk assessments and reviews in all stages of our new projects from the beginning to the end. We also follow a systematic approach to environmental management, even in places where this is not required by local regulations for instance in Ethiopia.


Our Engineering & Construction and Engineering & Production Services divisions and our UAE operations recently renewed the ISO 14001: certification.




As a service business, it is our people, their attitude and skills which set us apart from our competitors.

We're committed to developing all of our people, identifying and nurturing future leaders, and enabling everyone within the business to perform to their true potential.


Our people strategy is based on the following principles:


  • Developing all of our people – viewing current employees as the natural candidates for tomorrow’s roles and equipping them to progress in their careers

  • Identifying and developing those with leadership potential – with effective talent management and succession planning identifying the next generation of senior leaders and providing the support they need

  • Strengthening our leadership and management capabilities – developing the skills of those responsible for others

  • Driving high performance – cascading consistent and aligned performance measures to enable us to achieve our business plans

  • Attracting and developing the right talent – evolving our graduate programs to create a global cohort who are closely networked, collaborative and high performing

  • Encouraging people to ‘join our journey’ – portraying a consistent employee value proposition that helps us to compete for and retain talent

  • Refining our HR operating model – seeking greater efficiency, integration, consistency, and effectiveness across all our HR activities




We aspire to be an ethical company. We make all our employees and partners aware of our commitment towards this goal and ensure they know and practice the behaviors we expect of them.


Across all our sectors, there is an increasing requirement for organizations to demonstrate the strength of their compliance programs and their commitment to ethical business practices. As a result, we review our compliance program yearly in order to identify any compliance-related risks that might affect the organization


As a company: We aim to do the right thing and encourage the right behaviors in all our employees and those who are involved. Our ethical value states that we are all expected to do the right thing for our clients, employees, communities and the environments in which we operate.


Our values are integrated into everything we do and we highlight their importance to employees at each stage of their Al Asab career. As a result, this enables everyone to understand what is expected of them, the behaviors we value and the contribution they have to make towards the success of their teams.


Code of Conduct: Through our regular training and communication we make it clear that we expect everyone who works with and for us to follow and uphold the Code, exercising good judgment and common sense in all their actions and business dealings.


Our Code covers areas such as:

  • Health and safety

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Bribery and corruption

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Employee share dealing

  • Equal opportunities

  • Interacting with communities

  • Political activities

  • Whistle-blowing





We promote a culture that values meritocracy, openness, fairness, and transparency. Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy complies with all relevant legislation and best practice strives to create an inclusive working environment for all and deals with any complaint of discrimination seriously.

We’re committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to avoiding unlawful discrimination throughout an employee’s career with the Company, starting with the recruitment and selection process and by providing ongoing support, training and development.



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