Over the years we’ve built a strong reputation for commitment, delivery, and operational excellence.


With our range of services and capabilities that are recognized as consistently of high quality. We do this through a range of innovative strategies which allow us to tailor our services to the needs of each client.


This starts From the moment we decide to bid on a project, the discipline begins. We identify risks from the outset, ensure a clear understanding of project complexity, and maintain our risk management rigor each step of the way. We take each step of the project very seriously.


At Al Asab, excellence is about constantly questioning what we do, and how we do it, in order to drive continuous improvement and maintain our competitive edge. As a result,  our engineers have found new ways to take cost and complexity out of our projects by driving value engineering:


using new construction techniques with the modern system, challenging conventional wisdom, and making better use of automation – while still delivering on client demands for quality, consistency, and certainty.


Local delivery has always been central to the way we work. We make a determined effort to:


  • Employ local people

  • Build local capabilities

  • Draw on local supply chains

  • Stimulate local economies

  • Engage with local communities

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