We provide a vital link between strategic decisions and front-line implementation.


High-capable, experienced and adaptable in-house engineering team, capable of executing Engineering Design Services for


  • Oil and gas Onshore process plant

  • Oil and gas pipelines, compressor stations, Tank Farm and Terminals

  • Civil Design

             Buildings, Roads and Earth Works


At Alasab, we strive to deliver value-adding engineering solutions so you can unlock increased value from your oil and gas assets. We are proud to support projects of any size and scale, onshore, offshore, subsea or subsurface; from small brownfield modification projects to large subsea tiebacks, and from major facility upgrades through to greenfield mega projects.





  • SAP

  • SP 3D






  • MAT 3D


  • E –TAP



  • Centralized in Abu Dhabi

  • Highly experienced buyers, expeditors, management and support staff

  • Inspection through worldwide frame agreements with certified inspection organization and our in-house inspectors


  • Procured critical equipment- Rotary & Static Equipment, Process packages Skids, Electrical and instrumentation items, Line Pipes, Bulk items, fittings, valves and cables


  • Through our integrated and cost-efficient supply chain management services hagged by robust corporate policies, procedures and project management execution strategies, we ensure the success of our project







At Al Asab, we deliver complex construction projects in challenging and diverse environments


  • Process Plants

                 Central Processing Facilities

                  Gas Processing Plant


  • Oil, Gas & Water Pipelines

                Cross Country Pipelines

                 Infield Pipelines


  • Pump and Compressors stations


  • Tank Farms and Terminals


  • Roads and Highways


  • Buildings


Our construction projects we design and build have to survive extremely challenging and harsh environments, from desert heat to sub-zero arctic temperatures, and so require deep construction expertise, strong project management and a clear focus on safety, integrity and quality.



Since 1990's conversant with Oil and gas Pipe Line industry

Successfully executed many projects of different sizes

Equipment Strength

+Adequate Construction Equipment are available with the company

Qualified and Experienced Manpower



Al Asab, takes full responsibility of assuring that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client.


we utilize the breadth and depth service capability to bring real added value to clients with assets approaching the late life and decommissioning phases.


We offer an integrated capability supporting the late life landscape – from studies and production enhancement activities and operations to planning and well plugging and abandonment.


 subsystem smodules and equipment, up to complex amalgamations such as instruments techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the project, from individual functions, such as engineering through our strategic partnerships, we integrate the application of a set of and systems.


For complex projects, the large volume and complexity of commissioning data, together with the need to guarantee adequate information traceability, normally leads to the use of powerful IT tools, known as commissioning management systems, to allow effective planning and monitoring of the commissioning activities.





Managing complexity, delivering value is the planning, organizing and managing the effort to accomplish a successful project.


Ensuring the below stages are executed in a timely manner.

  • Project Initiation. 

  • Project Planning.

  • Project Execution. 

  • Project Monitoring and Control. 

  • Project Closure.

Engineering consultancy

Managing complexity, delivering value



Al asab, engineering Services consultancy is a specialist in-house team delivering discrete projects for external clients as well as integrated services.


Our consultancy services span includes:


  • Process technology and studies – upstream, midstream, and downstream support across oil production and processing, gas production, sour gas, gas monetization and refining

  • Well, Subsea and pipelines engineering

  • Advisory services – subsurface and surface facilities expertise,

  • Asset and facilities support – integrity, asset enhancement and modifications

  • Dynamic simulation and transient analysis

  • Flow assurance

  • Integrated field development planning – feasibility, concept eLate-life
  • life asset management  such as production enhancement, concept studies, structural and marine assurance, cost estimating

  • Operations support and production enhancement/production technology chemistry

  • Safety and environmental engineering

  • Vibration analysis and acoustic engineering

  • Complex offshore structural analysis and fatigue or life extension assessment

  • Renewables – offshore wind, fixed and floating facilities

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