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No nation, no economy, no industry, and no business came out unscathed from the financial meltdown witnessed globally post the collapse of Lehman Brothers on 20th September 2008.

Thus the principal challenge for the far-sighted was to turn this crisis to opportunity. This challenge required companies to be creative, adaptive and more productive.


I am pleased to say that we at AL ASAB was able to make good use of our collective skills to

better serve our strategy and mission for the future. As a result, we were able not only to withstand the negative trends but successfully reverse them, resulting in the phenomenal increase in our operating revenues and profits year after year, also because of project completions overruns and cost over-runs of our resources.


My people are my power. I would like to thank them for their sincerity, hard

Our aim should be to build-up on past success by optimizing Executive Chairman & Managing Director time I wish to caution that we must not rest on our past laurels and instead strive harder to outperform ourselves.

In today's world, we live under the cloud of uncertainties and volatilities. Under such variables, we must strive to accept challenges boldly, adopt changes logically and seize opportunities quickly so as to grow in a sustained manner in today's highly competitive global environment.

But at the same, We fortified our operations by augmenting our resources be it Plant, Equipment & Machinery or human capital as we invested in skills they use and dedication which has been instrumental in our organization scaling greater heights.

I also wish to thank our Clients, Business Associates, Patrons, Suppliers, Services Providers and State Nodal Agencies for reposing their faith, confidence and trust on us without which our achievements would not have been possible.

                                                               Ghanem Saeed Al Mazrouei

                                                             Chairman & Managing Director




Chairman & MD’s Message

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