Al Asab Contracting Establishment has started its own Asphalt Mixing Plant with Capacity of 70 mph in Abu Dhabi western region at Medina Zayad, to cater the requirements of road and infrastructure projects. Our commitment to quality and excellence has put us firmly on the industrial map of the UAE. Our products have been used and tested in the extremes of conditions and have passed each assignment as per the best industry standard practices.

Al Asab Asphalt Division specializes in the production and delivery of superior Asphalt productWith fully computerized plants, a highly competent team, and an adequate fleet of equipment’s, this division has all the right components to set the standards as per the best industry policy.

Our Asphalt Plant are committed quality through adopting the Quality Management to provide our clients and customers with outstanding quality service to ensure that production meets
 the required mix various stages of work starting from raw material, designing, manufacturing, transporting and placing and compacting to the final stage. We pay attention to the finest details along the full process and considering the environmental issues. The company promotes the business philosophy that revolves the quality of service and supplies all types of asphalt to meet the required mix through various stages of works.

Al Asab Batching plant division has a centralized research and development department is supported by comprehensive testing laboratories driven by professionals to improve and maintain product quality.


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