AL ASAB established in Abu Dhabi in the year of 1986, an up-coming Regional E P C Group.

The Company has booked work order in excess of 300M USD during 2015 / 2016, out of which 250M USD in Oil & Gas EPC Projects.

Expertise in EPC Pipeline & Process Plants including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation Works. We own a large fleet of Heavy Equipment, Plant & Machinery. Large Camp facilities at Project Sites. Full-fledged established Workshop and Storage Facilities at Habshan, Ruwais, Mafraq, in the UAE.


To accomplish the goals of all our clients and business associates rendering excellent services in a professional manner as comrades.


To establish a proven track record for Al Asab in terms of resources and

capacities for handling sizable contracts thus deserving capture an

appropriate share in the development of the region adopting ethical business, practices.



  • Integrity

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Building partnership

  • Ethical and professional constructional services

  • Sustained effort to enhance customer values and quality construction




We are problem solvers.



Al Asab is made up of three divisions. Each division delivers a wide range of complementary services, which we offer in a variety of combinations to suit the needs of our clients.  


Engineering & Construction (E&C)


Engineering & Construction delivers EPC projects, including mega-projects, onshore and offshore. We start from the fundamentals and build upon a concept design that aligns with our customer’s needs taking striving to put in place the most efficient and economical solution. Providing engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning services through a range of flexible commercial models. The final step in the development of our infrastructure – a construction which is one of the most visible products in all of engineering. We have an extensive track record when it comes to contributing to the creation of infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment. Having delivered many projects in some of the world’s most challenging locations. We are open to any challenges which and as a result our services encompass both greenfield and brownfield developments in upstream and downstream sectors.


Al Asab thrives on challenging projects and innovation, continually enhancing its systems, procedures, and processes in order to be at the forefront of the industry. our mission is to continually develop and improve its standards and systems in order to deliver the highest quality service and built projects, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 



Engineering & Production Services (EPS)


Engineering & Production Services comprises our reimbursable, consultancy, training, brownfield and small EPC project delivery businesses. We analyze production data to develop, rehabilitate, and optimize oil and gas fields throughout their life cycles. Integrated studies that incorporate multidisciplinary input reveal reservoir potential and direct strategies for addition to greenfield and brownfield operations, EPS provides clients with a life of asset support capability, from concept to decommissioning, as well as training and competence solutions to support industry requirements and nationalization goals. This is achieved via:


  • Generate a comprehensive field development plan

  • Optimize well and field development

  • Pinpoint problem areas and risks


Integrated Energy Services (IES)


Integrated Energy Services provides an integrated service for clients under flexible commercial models that are aligned with their requirements. Al Asab has put together a collection of indigenous and foreign specialists on Operation, Safety, Environment, Community Affairs, Quality, and Administration. provide advisory services to oil and gas producers working in conventional and unconventional reservoirs globally.


Our services are rendered to Industries such as :

• Oil & Gas Drilling and Production Industry
• Petroleum Refineries
• Fuel Storage and Transportation
• Power and Energy Industry
• Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
• Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
• Civil & Mechanical Construction Industry



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